Organic India Brahmi 60 Capsules Bottle

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Organic India Brahmi 60 Capsules Bottle

To survive the big rat race, while you still keep your sanity, it's important for you to have an edge over others. It's a win-win situation if that help comes from nature. Organic India brahmi capsules ensure you stay alert, mentally fit, with an improved creative intelligence and imagination. These capsules also boost energy without interfering with adrenal functions. The capsules uplift mood, provide emotional and mental clarity, and support longevity. Better energy levels, improved learning, concentration, and enhanced memory will keep you charged and fighting fit to deal with the most strenuous of tasks, and everyday challenges of the hectic daily life.

Features & details

  • Promotes mental fitness good memory and alertness
  • Energy booster, adaptogen
  • Improves brain and nervous system
  • Safe for long term use

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