About Us

We humbly introduce ourselves as your ‘glocal’ store (global quality products and services with an emphasis on pure and traditional Indian products and local, personalised shopping experience that offers all the benefits that any well-known chains may be offering) for all your daily needs.

We come from an extended business family with over three generations of experience of running the ‘corner’ provisions stores and we are very pleased to embrace innovation and change with the changing consumer preferences and needs.

Our founder Late Shri Ram Krishan Arora Ji had sown the ‘seed’ over half a century ago and that seed has now turned into a robust oak with many stout branches, we being one of them. We take pride in conducting our business on the golden principle that our venerable founder gave us in the nascent years of our existence— “Ghat tolin na, manda bolin na!” (Never weigh short; never be curt!). This principle has become the cardinal guiding principle of our business.

Mr Vijay Arora, our present-day leader and guide has given us the mantra of untiring hard work and creating a demand for ourselves and we are very glad that the golden principles of our elders continue to guide us to provide, with a heartfelt smile, the best products and services at best prices. That is how we continue to possess a place of pride among the daily-needs stores that boats of many international chains in our very close vicinity.

A word about our name— ‘VeeJay’ is the name of our present head Shri Vijay spelt differently and ‘fair price’ refers to the cardinal principle of business mentioned above.

We love to serve our esteemed customers as best as possible. Do experience our wide range of products and services.

Looking forward to welcoming you!


Abhishek Arora

Kapil Arora